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GDI - Why Pick Me?  

There are a lot of Instructors & Driving Schools Why Pick Me?


Why pick me to teach you to drive in Guildford? Simple your success is my success? You are in very safe hands with me.


I am very good at my job! & I have Excellent 5* Online Reviews.

I am an Excellent Driving Instructor & I offer all new pupils the 1st Hour FREE!

I offer FREE! In-car Theory Test training & FREE! Show Me Tell Me Questions Training.

I offer everyone Excellent Value for Money & All Driving Lessons are of the Very Highest Standard.

6 Different Driving Lesson Options to choose from & I am 100% Reliable, I have a 100% Pupil Pass Rate.

I am a Fully Qualified DVSA Approved Driving Instructor & FREE! Visual Aids, Reference Points, and Teaching Pictures.

Block Booking Payments (10 Hour, 20 Hour, 30 Hour, 40 Hour)

Intensive Driving Courses (7Hour, 17Hour, 27Hour, 37Hour, 47Hour)

No Car Shearing ONLY 1-to-1 Training at all times with my Teaching.

I offer FREE! in-car Help with the DVSA Show Me/Tell Me Safety Questions.

Full Course & Full Course with the Pass Plus that comes with BIG Discounts

FREE! Local Guildford pick-up from Home, Work, College, UNI, Train, or Bus Station.


Learning with me will end up saving you lots of time and money overall! Become a safer and better driver with me.


Another reason to pick me is your success. Your success is my success. You are in very safe hands. Having a passion for your success means that every effort is taken to provide you with the best opportunity to reach your driving goals. It will help you pass your Driving Test with flying colours. I will continually push you forward and move you forward with each Driving Lesson until the day you pass your Test. Don’t take my word for it please read all my 5-STAR REVIEWS from all my past pupils.


Please Call Me: 07515730070 or please Email Me: Contact Form with any Questions you have Big or Small as I am here to help!


GDI - Why Pick Me?


There are a lot of Instructors & Driving Schools Why Pick Me?


To all new pupils, I offer the FIRST HOUR FREE. All you have to do is book your Introductory Driving Lesson and I will give you the first hour FREE. All my pupils really do matter to me so from your first hour to your last hour you will be taught in a Professional, Patient, and Friendly way. I will make sure all your Driving Lessons will be relaxed at all times so the whole driving learning experience is then fun and exciting. I will give you the time you need but aim to help you learn as quickly as possible.


I receive and continue to receive, Exceptional and Outstanding Driving Instructor Training. That ensures the Highest Standards of Driving Lessons Tuition in Guildford is passed on to you. I receive and continue to receive regular updates on all Driving Instructor Teaching Techniques. Along with Driving Lesson Planning and Services. I am always kept up to date on every signal aspect of Learner Driver Training and Driving Instructor Teaching Training which I find invaluable when teaching all my pupils.


I have been trained to a very High Standard. I continue to be trained to a very High Standard. I can cope with all types of Pupils, Nervous/Anxious, Over-Confident, Questioning, Excitable, and Passive. Every Pupil is different and you all need different teaching techniques that ONLY Suites your personality. Driving Lessons in Guildford will be challenging but safe. I will teach you as fast as possible. Which is normally within 3 months depending on waiting times at Guildford Theory/Driving Test Centres.


According to the DVSA. Pupils on average needs 45 hours of Driving Lessons and 22 hours of private practice to become Driving Test Standard. But as every pupil is different and this is only a guide to the number of hours you may need. To be honest, everybody is different. The number of Lessons that you may need will depend upon several factors. Including the frequency of Driving Lessons, previous experience, and whether you are able to supplement professional tuition with private practice.


The truth is everybody is different so don’t worry. What I personally think is it’s down to you the individual and the way you learn. All that stands in your way to passing your Driving Test in Guildford can be overcome with a little time and patience. Whereas I don’t make any guarantees or any promises you will pass 1st time. I will aim to develop your ability and teach you the skills required to be above the standard for the DVSA Practical Driving Test before you take a Driving Test.


All my Driving Lessons in Guildford are 1 Hour or 2 Hours & all Driving Tests are conducted @ Guildford Test Center


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There are a lot of Instructors & Driving Schools Why Pick Me?


My First-Class Structured Teaching System will stay the same for each pupil. But it will change to suit each pupil’s personality. The way I teach you is all down to your personality. I have a very calm relaxed manner that is especially suited to pupils who are Nervous & Anxious. My very calm relaxed manner is also suited to pupils with Learning Difficulties. I am a proud registered member of the British Dyslexia Association and I strive to make the learning experience pleasurable and stress-free.


I always like to take a very relaxed and calm approach. I think it always helps pupils and takes away any nerves you have. That also helps me to get all my teaching points across faster. I believe that communication is a two-way street and feedback between pupils and me is key to your learning process. You will be taught to a very High Standard, according to the DVSA Syllabus. The syllabus sets out a way of teaching pupils the skills, knowledge, and understanding they need to be safe and responsible.


There are many Driving Instructors in Guildford & Driving Schools in Guildford out there that contribute to average or not being very good. You have to take into consideration that there are a lot of Driving Instructors or Driving Schools, teaching for pocket money or just seeing out the last few years of their teaching career before they retire. Obviously, they are not going to be as enthusiastic or responsive. There are also a lot of cowboys out there that will try to scam you by dragging your Lessons out.


Yes, there are many Driving Instructors in Guildford and Driving Schools in Guildford but I am one of the best Manual Driving Instructors in Guildford for sure! I have 6 Different Driving Lessons Options to choose from. Whether you are just starting out, have a little experience, have a lot of experience, or Test standard. You might have already passed your test in Guildford and just need some more advanced training. Motorway Driving Lessons, Refresher Driving Lessons, or the Pass Plus Course.


Whatever your reason please Call Me 07515730070 or Email Me as I am here to help you. It doesn’t matter what level you are driving at please Contact Me. Each Driving Lesson is tailored to suit your individual needs. For each Driving Lesson, we start with a recap so that once we start the Driving Lesson, we won’t be going over old subjects and wasting time and money. Every Driving Lesson I will keep monitoring your progress while pushing you forward, and challenging you in different areas of driving.


Every Single Driving Lesson is ONLY on a 1-to-1 basis I DO NOT have any car sharing at Any TIME! Only you and me.


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Guildford Driving Instructor – A Message From Me


What I have found is a lot of Very Good and Fully Qualified Driving Instructors are being pushed to one side. This is because pupils don’t know about the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency Trainee Driving Instructor system. So, when you are looking for a Driving Instructor in Guildford or Driving School in Guildford you should NOT always go for the cheapest. You could be trained by a Trainee Driving Instructor. For too long Trainee Driving Instructors have been preying on pupils all over the UK.


They lower their prices knowing that people always look for the cheapest option. What most people don’t know is that the lower the price the worse the Driving Instructor. A good and Fully Qualified Driving Instructor will always be busy and will not need to lower his/her prices! All the big National Driving Schools take on lots of Trainee Instructors and let them work as Trainees. A Trainee (Pink License Certificate) doesn’t have to tell the pupil/student that he/she is only a Trainee Instructor.


Cheapest is NOT going to be the best Driving Instructor!


But they can still charge the full price. YOU don’t even know that you are being trained by a Trainee Instructor. I understand that my Driving Lessons Prices may be a little higher than other Driving Instructors and Driving Schools in Guildford. But with my Reputation and the Services, I provide in Guildford my Driving Lessons are of a much Higher Standard. So, if the Lesson price is lower with another Instructor or School, it doesn’t mean you are going to get better training in Guildford.


Most of the time pupils that go for the cheapest prices will end up having to pay more money to pass their Driving Test. You can Pay £3 more per Driving Lesson with me GDI – Guildford Driving Instructor and only have 38 hours. OR pay a cheaper price of £3 less per with another Driving Instructor in Guildford and have 57 hours. You can work it out for yourself. You will end up paying so much more to pass your Driving Test in Guildford overall. To save money please Contact Me with any questions.


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Please Call Me: 07515730070 or please Email Me: Contact Form with any Questions you have Big or Small as I am here to help!

GDI - Why Pick Me?

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