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Learning To Drive in Guildford Feeling Nervous or Anxious


Learning To Drive in Guildford Feeling Nervous or Anxious


 Are you Nervous or Anxious about learning to drive in Guildford? you are NOT alone there are many pupils just like you. 


Learning To Drive in Guildford Feeling Nervous or Anxious don’t worry. I can offer you Driving Lessons to suit you and you’re Individual Needs. I will still follow the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) syllabus. Learning to drive while learning feeling Nervous or Anxious can be a very daunting feeling, however with the right approach and my firsthand experience of teaching pupils with these conditions the learning process can be made a lot less stressful and become fun and then enjoyable.


A great way to reduce anxiety about anything is to take a leaf out of the Scouts’ handbook and always be prepared. When it comes to driving, there are lots of books and online resources that you can use to research what lies ahead. The unknown is a scary prospect for many so get studying and you’ll develop a good idea of what to expect. Make sure you start looking at driving in advance. There are a number of natural remedies on the market that claim to be able to reduce anxiety.


Even if its powers are hard to prove, the placebo effect can be just as helpful. You could also drink some calming tea or employ breathing exercises to relax. Don’t get too calm, though: you need to be alert on the road! Feeling anxious is totally understandable because the first driving lesson is a stressful situation for anyone. If you’re a bit jittery or on edge beforehand, that doesn’t mean you can’t cope with the situation; just take your time and remember I am there to support you.


Learning to drive in Guilford does not need to be a traumatic experience. If it feels that way initially, there’s lots of help out there. Many people who learn to drive have a combination of nerves and excitement. Even if someone says they have no nerves and are perfectly confident when it comes to driving, the first time you get behind the wheel of a car and start moving the vehicle you are bound to feel Nervous or Anxious, and possibly as mentioned some excitement.


Sometimes people tell themselves that they are nervous and expect to be nervous, and this gets the better of them. The main cause of nerves is not feeling in control or worrying about your own ability. So it is essential to remember that no one is able to drive safely from day one that’s the point of driving lessons, gradually getting better as you build up experience at driving on the roads. Getting used to the car, controls, space around the car, road conditions, reacting to other drivers, and learning to control the car.


Start your learning with me, I will build up your confidence so you can overcome any Nervous or Anxious feelings.


Learning To Drive in Guildford Feeling Nervous or Anxious


Guildford Post Codes I Cover For My Driving Lessons


GU1 = Bellfields, Burpham, Bushy, Guildford Town, Merrow, Slyfield, Stoughton, Stoke Park.

GU2 = Guildford Park, Onslow Village, Park Barn, Stoughton, The Mount, The Oval, Woodbridge Hill.

GU3 = Compton, Fairlands, Fox Corner, Normandy, Puttenham, Wanborough, Wood Street Village, Worplesdon.

GU4 = Blackheath, Burpham, Chilworth, East Clandon, Jacobs Well, Merrow Common, Sutton Green, West Clandon.

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Learning To Drive in Guildford Feeling Nervous or Anxious


Many nervous drivers also have the character trait of over-analysing how they are doing, and what they are doing. Being aware of your own performance is of course a good thing, but do not analyse to the detriment of yourself by making yourself super nervous. I am an experienced driving instructor and my car has dual controls too, so try to put your trust in me.


I will give always give you honest feedback on your performance and I am very experienced in working with Nervous and Anxious drivers because the fact is many people learning to drive ARE Nervous or Anxious. The following list will give you some idea of what you can expect in my and your Nervous or Anxious Driving Lessons:


You set the lesson goals in discussion with me before we start driving.


You dictate the pace of your lessons.


You rate your own progress, identifying where you have done well and which areas you feel you need to improve.


You will be given the opportunity to discover for yourself, how to control the car in all situations.


You will be asked to identify the root cause of any faults you make and how could you avoid making that fault again.


Because lessons will always take place in environments that match your ability.


This method of learning will allow you to safely explore what works and what doesn’t for yourself.


Perhaps you’ve already had some driving lessons and found it an uncomfortable experience. You may have even failed your test before. I will work hard to build your confidence, devising tailored driving lessons that will focus on your strengths whilst instilling a sense of calm and control whilst you’re behind the wheel. If you are an adult who wants to learn to drive, but you’ve put it off, sometimes for years because of fear and anxiety, we can help you to overcome those hurdles.


Or perhaps you have your license, but your skills have lapsed because of months of not driving due to illness, or another family/life situation. Perhaps you have a license from another country but you don’t feel prepared to take the UK Driving Test or maybe you have lost your license.


I have helped lots of Young Drivers and Adult Drivers who are Nervous or Anxious in all of these situations.


I can reassure Nervous or Anxious drivers with a calm, experienced ability that has been developed over many thousands of miles of teaching. Precise and clear directions provide a step-by-step method of gaining driving skills. I realise that everyone is unique and learns at different rates of speed, and by various methods. I take this into consideration and tailor each Driving Lesson to specific needs.


A sense of security is also provided by the fact that we give instructions in a full-size car that is also equipped with true “dual controls” on the instructor’s side of the car. Another important asset I have is that I also offer family members or friends (over 25 and with a license) the opportunity to ride along on your first few driving lessons. I do not charge extra for this, but we find it can be an invaluable learning experience for the person who may be planning to practice driving with the new adult driver.


Let my success in Guildford speak for itself, please read all my Testimonials and my 5-STAR Reviews from my past pupils


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What Makes My Driving Instructor Training Excellent & Unique?


Fun Learning is the Best Learning. That’s exactly how you should feel when getting into my car with me as your Driving Instructor for the first time. Everyone remembers their first time and a truly fun, friendly, and personable Guildford Driving Instructor like me can make a whole world of difference. I will be able to sense when you need my help when you are nervous when you are confused, and when you are stressed, or distracted, and can provide whatever is necessary to improve the situation.


I will keep a Driving Lesson Appointment Card. I will keep a Driving Lesson Progress Record. That means I know what we have covered in each Driving Lesson, on what date, and what we covered in that Driving Lesson. I will know what will be re-assessed at the beginning of the next Driving Lesson. I have developed an extensive knowledge of the Guildford roads allowing us to cover Driving Tuition that covers all the various Guildford Driving Test Routes. But I will not only teach you Guildford test routes.


If you are looking for a Special Offer then the GDI – Full Course or the GDI – Full Course with the Pass Plus has the biggest discounts. If you are Nervous or Anxious about learning to drive in Guildford then personally, I would recommend the GDI – Full Course option to all pupils. That Full Course option takes care of most pupils’ Driver Training from start to finish. The Full Course comes with 38 Hours of Lessons, 3 x Driving Lesson Assessments, a Mock Test, and the Car for Driving Test in Guildford.


Please look at all my Driving Lesson Options to see which Driving Lesson Option in Guildford suits you better.


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There are a lot of Instructors & Driving Schools why pick me?


I have been trained to a very High Standard. I continue to be trained to a very High Standard. I can cope with all types of Pupils, Nervous/Anxious, Over-Confident, Questioning, Excitable, and Passive. Every Pupil is different and you all need different teaching techniques that ONLY Suites your personality. Driving Lessons in Guildford will be challenging but safe. I will teach you as fast as possible. Which is normally within 3 months depending on waiting times at Guildford Theory/Driving Test Centres.


According to the DVSA. Pupils on average needs 45 hours of Driving Lessons and 22 hours of private practice to become Driving Test Standard. But as every pupil is different and this is only a guide to the number of hours you may need. To be honest, everybody is different. The number of Lessons that you may need will depend upon several factors. Including the frequency of Driving Lessons, previous experience, and whether you are able to supplement professional tuition with private practice.


The truth is everybody is different so don’t worry. What I personally think is it’s down to you the individual and the way you learn. All that stands in your way to passing your Driving Test in Guildford can be overcome with a little time and patience. Whereas I don’t make any guarantees or any promises you will pass 1st time. I will aim to develop your ability and teach you the skills required to be above the standard for the DVSA Practical Driving Test before you take a Driving Test.


For more reasons why you should pick me as your Driving Instructor in Guildford please read Why Pick Me?


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What I Offer You As Standard With All My Driving Lessons


With the Excellent Services, I provide in Guildford all my Driving Lessons will help you understand faster. Understanding how to drive gives the knowledge and then practice makes perfect. Remember each Mistake you make is one Mistake closer to Perfection. Learning the Highway Code and reading Driving the Essential Skills will help in your learner development. But I am going to be there every step of the way. I will be guiding you through every aspect of dealing with other road users in Guildford.


I offer Day and Night Driving Lessons. I offer Block Booking Payments (10Hour, 20Hour, 30Hour, 40Hour). I offer Intensive Driving Courses in Guildford (7Hour, 17Hour, 27Hour, 37Hour, 47Hour). I offer Semi- Intensive Driving Courses in Guildford. I offer the GDI-Full Couse and the GDI-Full Course with the Pass Plus that comes with a big Discount. Start your Independence today with the FIRST HOUR FREE. Start learning to drive in Guildford with me Darren @ Guildford Driving Instructor.


Learning with me will end up saving you lots of time and money overall! Become a safer and better driver with me.


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Guildford Driving Instructor – A Message From Me


What I have found is a lot of Very Good and Fully Qualified Driving Instructors are being pushed to one side. This is because pupils don’t know about the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency Trainee Driving Instructor system. So, when you are looking for a Driving Instructor in Guildford or Driving School in Guildford you should NOT always go for the cheapest. You could be trained by a Trainee Driving Instructor. For too long Trainee Driving Instructors have been preying on pupils all over the UK.


They lower their prices knowing that people always look for the cheapest option. What most people don’t know is that the lower the price the worse the Driving Instructor. A good and Fully Qualified Driving Instructor will always be busy and will not need to lower his/her prices! All the big National Driving Schools take on lots of Trainee Instructors and let them work as Trainees. A Trainee (Pink License Certificate) doesn’t have to tell the pupil/student that he/she is only a Trainee Instructor.


Cheapest is NOT going to be the best Driving Instructor!


But they can still charge the full price. YOU don’t even know that you are being trained by a Trainee Instructor. I understand that my Driving Lessons Prices may be a little higher than other Driving Instructors and Driving Schools in Guildford. But with my Reputation and the Services, I provide in Guildford my Driving Lessons are of a much Higher Standard. So, if the Lesson price is lower with another Instructor or School, it doesn’t mean you are going to get better training in Guildford.


Most of the time pupils that go for the cheapest prices will end up having to pay more money to pass their Driving Test. You can Pay £3 more per Driving Lesson with me GDI – Guildford Driving Instructor and only have 38 hours. OR pay a cheaper price of £3 less per with another Driving Instructor in Guildford and have 57 hours. You can work it out for yourself. You will end up paying so much more to pass your Driving Test in Guildford overall. To save money please Contact Me with any questions.


Learning with me will end up saving you lots of Time & Money


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Please Call Me: 07515730070 or please Email Me: Contact Form with any Questions you have Big or Small as I am here to help!

Learning To Drive in Guildford Feeling Nervous or Anxious

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