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My Outstanding & First-Class Structured Teaching System


My Outstanding and First-Class Structured Teaching will stay the same for each pupil. But it will change to suit each pupil’s personality. The way I teach you is all down to your personality. I have a very calm relaxed manner that is especially suited to pupils who are Nervous. My very calm relaxed manner is also suited to pupils with Learning Difficulties. I am a proud registered member of the British Dyslexia Association and I strive to make the learning experience pleasurable and stress-free.


I always like to take a very relaxed and calm approach. I think it always helps pupils and takes away any nerves you have. That also helps me to get all my teaching points across faster. I believe that communication is a two-way street and feedback between pupils and me is key to your learning process. You will be taught to a very High Standard, according to the DVSA Syllabus. The syllabus sets out a way of teaching pupils the skills, knowledge, and understanding they need to be safe and responsible.


Yes, there are many Driving Instructors in Guildford and Driving Schools in Guildford but I am one of the best Manual Driving Instructors in Guildford for sure! I have 6 Different Driving Lesson Options to choose from. Whether you are just starting out, have a little experience, have a lot of experience, or Test standard. You might have already passed your test in Guildford and just need some more advanced training. Motorway Driving Lessons, Refresher Driving Lessons, or The Pass Plus Course.


Whatever your reason please Call Me 07515730070 or Email Me as I am here to help you. It doesn’t matter what level you are driving at please Contact Me Today! Each Driving Lesson is tailored to suit your individual needs. For each Driving Lesson, we start with a recap so that once we start the Driving Lesson, we won’t be going over old subjects and wasting time and money. Every Driving Lesson I will keep monitoring your progress while pushing you forward, and challenging you in different areas.


Every Single Driving Lesson in Guildford is ONLY on a 1-to-1 basis I DO NOT have any car sharing at Any TIME! Only you and me.


GDI - My Teaching


What Makes My Driving Instructor Training Excellent & Unique?


Fun Learning is the Best Learning. That’s exactly how you should feel when getting into my car with me as your Driving Instructor for the first time. Everyone remembers their first time and a truly fun, friendly, and personable Guildford Driving Instructor like me can make a whole world of difference. I will be able to sense when you need my help when you are nervous when you are confused, and when you are stressed, or distracted, and can provide whatever is necessary to improve the situation.


I have an Excellent and Very Good way of teaching all my pupils using Briefing, Diagrams, and Practice for all my Lessons.


GDI - My Teaching


I have designed Visual Aids, Reference Points, and Teaching Pictures that break down every part of Driving Training. Including all the Parking Manoeuvres. They will help you in all the stages of learning. All pupils have to go through the 3 main stages Gilded, Prompted, and Independent. They are the 3 stages of learning to drive that you will have to overcome. I have the knowledge and I know absolutely everything about driving. I know the best way to teach you and the best way for you to learn is to:


Tell You How, Show You How, & Then You Practice, Then You Master!


I will keep a Driving Lesson Appointment Card. I will keep a Driving Lesson Progress Record. That means I know what we have covered in each Driving Lesson, on what date, and what we covered in that Driving Lesson. I will know what will be re-assessed at the beginning of the next Driving Lesson. I have developed an extensive knowledge of the Guildford roads allowing us to cover Driving Tuition that covers all the various Guildford Driving Test Routes. But I will not only teach you Guildford test routes.


One of the best ways to keep your Driving Lessons in Guilford required to a minimum is to ensure that you have regular weekly Driving Lessons in Guildford. If you can afford more, it would help you learn at a faster pace. The Driving Lesson length can also affect how many hours you require overall. Personally, I would recommend 2 hours of Driving Lessons at least once or twice a week. Obviously, we will work together with this and this is why I have a wide range of Driving Lesson Options available.


If you are looking for a Special Offer then the GDI – Full Course or the GDI – Full Course with the Pass Plus has the biggest Discounts. If you are Nervous or Anxious about learning to drive in Guildford then personally, I would recommend the GDI – Full Course option to all pupils. The GDI Full Course option takes care of most pupils’ Driver Training from start to finish. The GDI Full Course comes with 38 Hours of Lessons, 3 x Driving Lesson Assessments, a Mock Test, and the Car for Driving Test in Guildford.


I am an Established Guildford Driving Instructor teaching in Guildford since 2010, so it’s fair to say you are in safe hands.


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Guildford Driving Instructor Teaching

Please Call Me: 07515730070 or please Email Me: Contact Form with any Questions you have Big or Small as I am here to help!

GDI - My Teaching

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