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Motorway Driving Lessons Guildford,

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Every Single Motorway Driving Lesson in Guildford with Me is Only on a 1 to 1 basis I DO NOT have any Car Sharing at Any Time!

Motorway Driving Lessons Guildford,


Motorway Driving Lessons Guildford Gain Confidence


Motorway driving is not part of the practical driving test BUT can now be covered during pre-test driving lessons as learner drivers are now permitted to drive on motorways. Driving on this type of road is very different from driving on “ordinary” roads and taking professional tuition to ensure you know how to drive safely and considerately on motorways could quite literally save your life! Whether you have recently passed your driving test, have not driven for some time, or are just plain nervous, taking some motorway training can be very beneficial. I can help you remember there are numerous main differences between Motorways and main roads so I can help you understand how to drive safely on all Motorways.


During motorway driving lessons you will gain knowledge and experience of the different rules, regulations, and signage that apply only to the motorways. You will cover planning your journey on the motorway, how to join and leave safely, and how to maintain a safe speed in all circumstances. Also covered is taking an effective observation, overtaking, and lane discipline along with understanding the unique signs, signals, and road markings you will find on the motorway. You’ll be taught the correct procedure in the event of your car breaking down, how to handle crosswinds and debris on the carriageway as well as the correct use of lights, dealing with fatigue, and remaining courteous whilst driving.


Most UK Motorways have three lanes — the left-hand lane, the middle lane, and the outer lane.

Motorway Driving Lessons Guildford,Motorway Driving Lessons Guildford,

You are not allowed to reverse, cross the central reservation or drive in the wrong direction on any Motorway in the UK.


There are two types of Motorway, rural and urban. You need to think of them as quiet and busy roads. Quiet motorways are boring, so you need to concentrate on the road and traffic conditions way ahead. Busy motorways need your attention all around you rather than just focused ahead. The maximum speed limit on a motorway is 70mph. However, let’s be honest this speed limit is regularly exceeded. Given the speeds reached on a Motorway, it is essential you try and anticipate what is happening far ahead of your vehicle. Always keep a good distance between you and the vehicle in front, at least a two-second gap on a dry day. If you see brake lights ahead then ease off the accelerator.


Sudden braking on a Motorway can be dangerous. It can cause vehicles behind to also slam on the brakes. This causes tailbacks and even collisions. Avoid getting boxed in, with a slow-moving vehicle in front of you and another vehicle tailgating you behind. If this happens gently reduce your speed so as to increase the gap between you and the vehicle in front and then when safe overtake the vehicle. Motorways are like dual carriageways only safer. They are safer because every motorway user is traveling in the same direction and at similar speeds. Another reason why motorways are safer is due to the fact that traffic is restricted to those who can make the best use of it i.e. no pedestrians, cyclists, moped, no L drivers agricultural vehicles, and animals. They are also safer because there are no sharp bends, no oncoming traffic, no right turns, and no roundabouts. The lanes are always wide, and well-marked, and are usually straight for long distances.


When joining a Motorway you usually join from a roundabout or the main road by means of a slip road. This leads to an acceleration lane. The rule here is not to interfere with the traffic already on the motorway. Make sure your speed is the same as the traffic already on the motorway. Vehicles already on the motorway usually realise you need to join the main carriageway and they try and move over to the other lane. This makes room for you to join the first lane of the motorway. Mirrors and signals must be used correctly to avoid interfering with the following traffic. Full and proper observation as you enter usually involves looking over your right shoulder as well as using your door mirrors.


Motorway Driving Lessons Guildford,

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Every Single Motorway Driving Lesson in Guildford with Me is Only on a 1 to 1 basis I DO NOT have any Car Sharing at Any Time!

Motorway Driving Lessons Guildford,


Motorway Driving Lessons Guildford Gain Confidence


Motorway driving lessons are an ideal way to gain confidence and refresh your knowledge, making you a safer motorway driver. One of the subjects your driving instructor can not cover whilst you are on a provisional licence is motorway driving. This is due to the current UK laws which prohibits learner drivers to use motorways. Taking your first drive on a motorway can be a scary experience; it is strongly recommended by all driving organisations that you take professional lessons to gain the necessary knowledge and experience to be able to cope safely and competently. I am fully trained in every aspect of Motorway driving and are very keen on passing my knowledge to you so you can drive safely.


My Motorway driving lessons can take a few hours or several hours depending on where you live. You may also wish to consider Pass Plus which has a Motorway element included in the course, Pass Plus can also save you money on your insurance. Please find below the prices for Motorway lessons and some tips on driving on a Motorway safely. Please remember that Motorways have a far better accident record than any other part of our national road system. But every year we see crashes on the motorway that could have been prevented. Make sure that your car is well maintained, has sufficient fuel and oil, has correct tire pressures and tires are in good condition.


Observe the speed limit at all times while driving!


Frequent use of mirrors is doubly important on motorways because of higher traffic volumes.


Take extra care when approaching intersections where traffic is joining the motorway.


Be prepared to anticipate the unexpected actions of other drivers.


Keep your distance leave a two-second gap between your vehicle and the one in front.


On wet, slippery roads, or in poor visibility leave at least a four-second gap.


Use your mirrors and observe lane discipline.


Always indicate when changing lanes.


Always use the left-hand lane where possible.


Remember No slow lane, middle lane, or fast lane all 3 lanes are 70 mph.


Overtake on the right unless traffic is moving in queues and the queue on your right is moving slowly.


Never move into a lane on your left to overtake and never use the hard shoulder to overtake.


Take special care when joining a motorway. You must give way to motorway traffic. Beware of the ‘blind spot’ factor.


In foggy conditions. Slow down, use your lights, keep a sensible distance.


Take regular breaks, but never on the hard shoulder if you feel sleepy, get off the motorway at the first opportunity.


Take particular care at roadwork’s and when approaching them. Reduce your speed and obey warning signs.


Motorway Lessons will Increased Confidence as many accidents are caused by indecisiveness.


Careful confidence means you can deal with other drivers on the road and learn how to avoid the bad ones! Increased Enjoyment feeling secure behind the wheel, you can get back to the days when you actually got a buzz from driving. Take advantage of the freedom of driving by getting professional Lessons, and in many cases, there is a solution to the problem.


Motorway Driving Lessons Guildford,

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Every Single Motorway Driving Lesson in Guildford with Me is Only on a 1 to 1 basis I DO NOT have any Car Sharing at Any Time!

Motorway Driving Lessons Guildford,


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Motorway Driving Lessons Guildford,

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Every Single Motorway Driving Lesson in Guildford with Me is Only on a 1 to 1 basis I DO NOT have any Car Sharing at Any Time!

Motorway Driving Lessons Guildford,


Guildford Post Codes I Cover For My Motorway Driving Lessons


GU1 = Abbotswoods, Bellfields, Burpham, Bushy, Guildford Town, Merrow, Slyfield, Stoughton, Stoke Park.


GU2 = Guildford Park, Onslow Village, Park Barn, Stoughton, The Mount, The Oval, University of Surrey, Woodbridge Hill.


GU3 = Compton, Fairlands, Fox Corner, Loseley Park, Normandy, Puttenham, Wanborough, Wood Street Village, Worplesdon.


GU4 = Blackheath, Burpham, Bushy, Chilworth, East Clandon, Jacobs Well, Merrow Common, Salford, Sutton Green, West Clandon.


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