Intensive Driving Courses Guildford


I have received and continue to receive, all the finest Driving Instructor Training to ensure the Highest Standards of Driving Lessons in Guildford tuition is passed on to you the student. I receive and continue to receive regular updates on all Driving Instructor Teaching Techniques along with Driving Lesson’s Planning I need. I am kept up to date on all aspects of Learner Driver Training in Guildford which I find invaluable when teaching all my students Driving Lessons in Guildford.


I have been (CRB) Criminal Records Bureau checked and I have passed a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. To make sure that I am in accordance with the (DVSA) Driving Vehicle Standards Agency They search my details against criminal records and other sources, including the Police National Computer. I undergo regular assessments to enforce my promise to you that I am providing a service that is second to none. I have also under gone a mandatory DVSA Check test.



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GDI – Guildford Driving Instructor – I have more 5 * reviews than any other Driving Instructors Guildford



Anybody who would feel more comfortable with a Intensive Driving Course Guildford or Intensive Driving Lessons Guildford has access to that option with me. I will ensure that you are put at ease immediately by offering a safe and comfortable environment within which your Intensive Driving Course Guildford or Intensive Driving Lessons Guildford will take place.


I am delighted to help get your driving off to a great start and we offer you a FREE! 1 Hour Assessment. Whether you are a complete beginner or have had previous experience I have a tailor made intensive course to suit your needs. Just leave it to me to make all the arrangements No Extra Cost! I will come to your home, work or college at No Extra Cost! All my Intensive Driving Courses are for the full time and always on a 1 to 1 basis. No car sharing at any time.


Recent government studies have concluded that such Intensive Driving Courses are the most efficient, convenient and cost effective method of learning to drive is Intensive Driving Lessons. The main advantage of using our structured Intensive Driving Courses is that you are condensing many months of conventional weekly Driving Lessons into a small period of time, usually within a matter of one or two days. Because you are out on the road all day, you spend much less time ‘picking up from where you left off’, and more time concentrating on your Driving with a Intensive Driving Course.


Intensive Course for pupils who wish to focus more intensely in a shorter amount of time and pass quicker.


Intensive Driving Courses are becoming more and more popular with a learner driver. With an Intensive Driving Course in Guildford, Woking & Godalming everything you have learnt is fresh in your mind as you do not have a week to break to forget what you have learnt on your previous Driving Lesson. Your progress will be much faster as you are behind the wheel for longer periods of time and therefore become more accustomed to the constantly changing road and traffic conditions. Your judgment of speed and distance and mechanical skills will develop faster due to more “hands on” experience.


Need to pass quickly? No worries my Intensive driving courses are designed so you pass within 2 weeks



I offer you Intensive Driving Courses ranging from a 2 week Intensive Course to a 8 week semi intensive course. 7 hour, 17 hour, 27 hour, 37 hour, 47 hour. All my Intensive Courses comes with a FREE! 1 Hour Assessment + Mock Test + My Car for the Driving Test + FREE! Help With The Show Me / Tell Me Questions and everything you will need to pass.


I would suggest you make use of my FREE! Assessment/Introductory hour Lesson first to allow me to establish how many hours you need and also to ensure I structure your Intensive Driving Course to fit your own needs and requirements. It is advisable to start taking pre course weekly Lessons until you have passed the Theory Test as the extra practice could result in you requiring a shorter Intensive Driving Course in Guildford and will give me time to assess your progress and rate of learning and so we will be able to advise you on the Intensive Driving Course best suited to your ability.


Whatever your reasons are to complete a Intensive Driving Course, you will learn to drive more quickly if you feel relaxed and confident as it makes you more able to absorb instruction. Therefore, you should seek out my services for your Intensive Driving Course or Intensive Driving Lessons if you think it will help you learn to drive more quickly.



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GDI – Guildford Driving Instructor – I have more 5 * reviews than any other Driving Instructors Guildford.



Intensive Driving Courses Guildford


Your 1st Hour Introductory Driving Lesson is FREE!


I am 100% Reliable


I Have a 100% Pupil Pass Rate


I am a Fully Qualified Driving Instructor


I am a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor


No car sharing, 1 to 1 Driving Lesson Training.


I have been CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) Fully Checked.


FREE! Help With The Show Me / Tell Me Safety Questions FREE!


FREE! Local Pick up from Home, Work, College or Guildford Train Station


I Offer Excellent Value for Money & All Driving Lessons are of the Highest Standard!


GDI – Guildford Driving Instructor – I have more 5 * reviews than any other Driving Instructors Guildford.



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Intensive Driving Courses Guildford


I will keep a record card so you know what you have covered at every part of your lessons and on what date + what work was covered in the last lesson and what will be re-assessed at the beginning of the next driving lesson. Whereas we don’t make guarantees and we can’t take the driving test for you, we aim to develop your ability and teach you the skills required to be above the standard for the DVSA Practical Driving Test. I have developed an extensive knowledge of the Guildford roads allowing us to cover driving tuition that covers all the various Guildford test routes.


I strive to make the learning experience as pleasurable and stress free as possible. I believe that communication is a two way street and feedback between student and driving instructor is key to the learning process. All intensive driving courses in Guildford are tailored to your driving needs to help you learn quickly. From your first FREE! Introductory driving lesson to your last lesson you will taught in a patient, friendly way with all lessons consisting of a full hours driving. You will be taught the necessary driving skills, according to the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency recommended syllabus.


One of the best ways to keep the lessons to a minimum is to ensure that you have regular driving lessons. The driving lesson or intensive course length can also affect how many hours you require, personally we would recommend the 2 hour lesson option if you are doing weekly driving lessons at least once a week. If you are doing an intensive driving course then personally we would recommend the 37 hour intensive driving course option for new pupils just starting driving.


The truth is everybody is different. What I personally think is it’s down to you the individual as you all learn at different speeds. Some student’s can be more nervous than others, some too confident some not confident enough. The number of hours/driving lessons that may be needed will depend upon several factors including the frequency of driving lessons taken, previous road experience, whether you are able to supplement professional tuition with private practice.


All your training and every single driving lessons with me is on a 1 to 1 basic I have NO car sharing at any time!



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