Save your time and your money let me call you back?


I am always looking for ways to help you from the first call to passing your test, I will always try and make it a smooth journey from start to finish. I want to make sure we can help you save time and money while learning to drive with us. I also want to make sure when you pick me to teach you to drive and pass your driving test you get the best customer service from me. So with the volume of calls I get each day I now offer a Call Back Service 24 hours a day.


I can only tell you that “your call matters to me, please be patient” so many times before you hang up the phone and never ring me back. Most of you will tolerate being placed on hold but you will lose patience quickly and abandon the call. Either way it will end in a result is a poor customer experience for you and that is something I do not take lightly.


As I teach most of the day and cant answer my phone while teaching this is also the safest way to contact me.



To make an general enquiry or if you have any questions then please fill in the contact from below.


I will contact you back as the same day in my working hours or the very next day.


My teaching working hours are 08:00am20:00pm | Monday to Saturday, except national holidays.


If you call outside my contact hours then please leave a message on my message phone service.


Please Note* For training and quality purposes, your Calls & Emails may be recorded and monitored.



Contact Me: 07515 730070



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Call: 07515730070 Email: Click Here