What I have found is a lot of very good and Fully Qualified Driving Instructors and being pushed to one side because pupils don’t know about the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency Trainee Driving Instructor system.


So when you are looking for Driving Instructors or Driving Schools you always go for the cheapest price.


Then you are being Trained by a Trainee Instructor?


For too long Trainee Driving Instructor’s have been preying on consumers all over the UK.


They lower their prices knowing that people always look for the cheapest option.


What most people don’t know is that the lower the price the worse the Driving Instructor.


A good and Fully Qualified Driving Instructor will always be busy and will not need to lower his/her prices!


All the big National Driving Schools take on lots of Trainee Instructor’s and let them work for them as Trainees.


A Trainee (Pink License Certificate) doesn’t have to tell you the pupil/student that he is only a Trainee. But can still charge a full price. YOU don’t even know that you are being trained by a Trainee Instructor!



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Cheapest is NOT going to be the best Driving Instructor!


If the Lesson price is lower with another Instructor or School it doesn’t mean you are going to get the best.


Most of the time pupils that go for the cheapest price end up having more Driving Lessons ie:


Pay £3 more per Driving Lesson with me GDI –  Guildford Driving Instructor and only have 37 hours.




Pay a cheaper price of £3 less per Lesson with another Driving Instructor in Guildford and have 57 hours.


Learning with me will end up saving you lots of money!



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I understand that my Prices may be a little higher than other Driving Instructors and Driving Schools.




I know from my Passed Pupils that the Lesson Services I provide in Guildford are of a much Higher Standard!



This is where I come in!


I am a Full Qualified Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) based in Guilford.


I am Your Local and Excellent Driving Instructor and I have a 100% Pupil Pass Rate.


I Offer Excellent Value for Money and all Driving Lessons Guildford are of the Highest Standard.


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Whether you are a Beginner, Novice, Experienced or have Failed your Driving Test and need some extra help.


Guildford Driving Instructor – I Darren have more 5 * reviews than any other Driving Instructors Guildford 


All Training and every single Driving Lessons with me is on a 1 to 1 basic I have NO car sharing at any time!


I have received and continue to receive, all the finest Driving Instructor Training to ensure the Highest Standards of Driving Lessons in Guildford tuition is passed on to you the student. I receive and continue to receive regular updates on all Driving Instructor Teaching Techniques along with Driving Lesson’s Planning I need. I am kept up to date on all aspects of Learner Driver Training in Guildford which I find invaluable when teaching all my students Driving Lessons in Guildford.


I have been (CRB) Criminal Records Bureau checked and I have passed a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. To make sure that I am in accordance with the (DVSA) Driving Vehicle Standards Agency They search my details against criminal records and other sources, including the Police National Computer. I undergo regular assessments to enforce my promise to you that I am providing a service that is second to none. I have also under gone a mandatory DVSA Check test.


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GDI – Guildford Driving Instructor – I have more 5 * reviews than any other Driving Instructors Guildford


Don’t Get Caught Out and Find Out The Hard Way!



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